is a record label based in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, focusing on HC/Punk and its sub-styles.

LaserLife Records is an anti-fascist label and we do not tolerate any kind of fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-semitism!



He, we want to share some news with you.

the new SMALL HOURS release "ZEITGEIST", will be out on JUNE 16th.

Available on all streaming-platforms but also in a “hardcopy”-Version.
They want you to be your very own sound-medium.
This means they will print T-Shirts with an amazing design made by the wonderful

YES, you can pre-order the shirts here and they will ship them as soon as they arrive  (early may)and you'll get access to all songs, of course.

The first Song “THEREFORE I AM” will be out on April 21st.



Petrol Girls are a feminist post-hardcore punk band, originally formed in London, with members from Austria, and the UK. Now based in Austria, and touring incessantly, the band are strong advocates of freedom of movement, anti-capitalism and intersectional feminism


is bass, guitar, drums and the bottom of your heart. is loud, aggressive, tame and atmospheric. is antifascist through heart and soul.


Post-/Indie-Punk-Band Band in the German spoken word ruthlessly honest about excessive consumption, thedevastating effects of alcohol addiction and terminal illnesses in loved ones.With her music, Jeanny treats very personal things, but doesn't omit the tragedy - perfectly accompanied by melancholic trumpet sounds - from the lives of others.